Linux Hosting Datacenters

To be able to power our cutting–edge hosting system, we had to construct an identical set of hardware and network services, that would have to be positioned in matching Datacenters. It’s for these reasons, we, at GeeksCloud, cautiously picked out and decided upon some of the most dependable Datacenters worldwide, spanned around different different continents.

In every Datacenter as of the present day, we have set up a unique internal network, crafted together with state–of–the–art components which allows for extra quick connection rates. We have in addition implemented quite a few physical anti–DDoS units, to effectively limit all conceivable outages for your personal sites. In each Datacenter, you can expect a 99.9% network uptime guarantee!

Our Datacenters

It may sound strange to some, but, the web world is incredibly similar to the retail world – the nearer your websites are to your site visitors, the better. You will not only increase/get enchanced connection rate, but you’ll also enjoy better ranking with both local and worldwide lookups.

Which is why, we’ve picked several Datacenters to be able to decide on:

the datacenter in the US in Chicago – consider it if you are going to target visitors residing in the United States, Canada and Latin America;

the datacenter in the UK in London – take it if you’ll target website visitors coming from Great Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa;

the datacenter in FI in Pori – our Finnish data center is the perfect alternative if you'd like to engage customers in Northern and Central Europe or maybe in Russia.

the datacenter in East Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria – use it if you’ll concentrate on visitors who reside in Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

the datacenter in AU in Sydney – use it if you will concentrate on people who reside in Australia, Oceania and Asia.

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